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Facilitating Trust-based 
Relationships Between Buyers 
And Suppliers
Establishing Trust between buyers and suppliers reduces 
costs and facilitates the development of long-term 
establishing the basic requirements for a more 
effective supply chain 
to better serve organizations. At Trillius, 
we believe trust between 
buyers and suppliers reduces transaction 
costs and establishes long-term
partnerships. This contributes to a 
more effective supply chain.
Our Objective 
Combine our technology and expertise in vendor assessments to help buyers and suppliers quickly and accurately establish trust. This reduces traditional costs of procurement for both buyers and suppliers.
Why Is Trust in Supply Chain Relationships Important?
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A trust-based relationship reduces opportunistic behavior by suppliers. This ultimately improves their contribution to buyers.
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High levels of trust reduce the need for protracted due diligence and contracted negotiations between buyers and sellers, saving precious time and effort.
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By reducing the amount of resources spent to negotiate and monitor the relationship, buyers and suppliers can focus on activities that better contribute to their organisations.
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At Trillius, You Are Always In Good Company.

Our unique vendor and customer assessment methodologies give members a high degree of assurance. Matched organisations have a high degree of alignment in objectives and meet the necessary regulatory and compliance requirements.
How It Works
Buyers engage us for their procurement needs. We help them personalize the search and selection processes specific to their industry or business requirements.
Suppliers are invited to go through a pre-qualification process to join our high-quality network of vendors.
Suppliers who qualify are categorised by their services and strengths. They are then entitled to participate in the future purchasing exercises of buyers.
Suppliers that qualify and are matched with the requirements of sellers before they can participate in procurement exercises.
Appointed suppliers and buyers provide feedback via surveys. This in turn refines the matching process.
Suppliers that consistently provide a high degree of satisfaction improves reputation score for their respective strengths, and subsequently gain better business opportunities.
Better matches reduces time and effort spent on the procurement exercise. This ultimately achieves better business outcomes.

What We Provide 

Buyers and suppliers benefit from being part of a trust-based network. This provides assurance through independent vetting and measured feedback, ultimately reducing compliance and counterparty risks. 
Up-to-date feedback-based assessment

Our periodic assessment system helps ensure vendors and buyers are up-to-date. This is based on accumulated feedback of real interactions between vendors and purchasers.

Industry-specific Trust and reputation model

Based on our experience of working with Industry leaders, our Trust and Reputation model provides assurance and peace of mind to all our partners.

Matching of buyers and suppliers based on requirements

Our quality and requirements scoring mechanism helps to match buyers and suppliers more precisely. This maximises alignment between buyers and suppliers.

Reduced costs for buyers and suppliers

Reduce the costs of planning, preparing, advertising and executing sourcing exercises. Suppliers reduce repetitive tasks and costs for participating in sourcing programs.

A personalised network of partners

Buyers and Suppliers within our tight community are matched and presented with only parties with a high degree of alignment. Reducing the time, effort and risks of doing business.

Faster and better matching

Utilising feedback from past interactions between members, our approach helps everyone make better decisions based on past performance.

What We Can Do

For Buyers

In industries that have strict compliance requirements, Trillius helps with the most time consuming parts of the procurement process to reducecosts and risks. ● Simplifying Supply Chain Risk Management ● Reduce Compliance Costs ● Automate Search and Selection Processes

For Suppliers

For high-quality suppliers who only wants to do business with the best, Trillius helps reduce costly repetitive tasks and missed opportunities of working with buyers who also expect the best. ● Reduce time required for repeated paperwork ● Be invited to new opportunities offered by buyers ● Be assured of only engaging with reputable buyers